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Please note: The Node examples are running on heroku's free tier, and therefore take a little time to start up. I think it's ok for a portfolio demo, but obviously not for production code.

conference app screenshot

This is an update on the conference viewer below- it's now using state and props to allow you to create a shortlist.

conference app screenshot

I've put together a node backend API serving JSON of conferences. That's then being consumed by a React frontend, and dynamically laid out with CSS GRID.

songbook app screenshot

This Node app is a demonstration of fetching data from a remote API. It uses ejs templating, promise-based requests, and is hosted on heroku.

Songbook (Node CRUD example)

Code Demo deployed on heroku

songbook app screenshot

I built this app to practise the core CRUD actions, gain familiarity with MongoDB and use the MVC design pattern. I learnt a lot about authentication, using sessions cookies and password encryption.

Privacy Policy Notice

Live on the web

songbook app screenshot

This example is a simple javascript overlay advising viewers about the site's privacy policy. It was deployed across Archant Media- which has hundreds of newspaper and magazine titles with (together) 7.6+ million visitors each month. Although the code is trivial, I include it to show that I can integrate my work with existing codebases.

songbook app screenshot

Although I've been learning React, I wanted to have something showing direct DOM manipulation. This is essentially a random number generator which updates the source image. I'm using flexbox to position the cards.

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